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As the world is driven to tackle climate change and adopt sustainable energy solutions, The Oil & Gas Year is changing too in order to inform our global readership in the most objective and comprehensive manner. In 2020, our popular series of business reports on emerging markets was renamed The Energy Year.

Today, the scope of the global energy mix has widened. With the rise of renewables, oil and gas are no longer the sole focus. Meanwhile, carbon-neutral technologies and environmental services are playing a critical role in ensuring energy is produced sustainably.

For all of these reasons, The Energy Year will be proud to serve the industry we have always been a part of and report on the great work done on all of its fronts – from renewables through to clean fuels and the innovative social and environmental governance initiatives taken by the many stakeholders of the global energy industry.

our audience

  • TOGY has met more than 10,000 energy executives, consultants and ministers since we began in 2007.
  • We provide in-depth coverage of more than 30 markets with yearly reports, events and daily news.
  • The Energy Year reports have a readership of 69,000, including energy industry executives, decision makers and investors.
  • 79% of our readers are in senior management positions.
  • Our social media presence reaches over 1,000,000 people per year.
  • Our books have an extensive shelf life with more than 80% of our readers regularly referencing them.
  • The Energy Year is distributed to more than 100 countries.

our mission

The Oil & Gas Year has become The Energy Year, a fundamental step in the evolution of our company. We have broadened our horizons beyond fossil fuels to offer a holistic overview of the entire energy value chain in emerging markets.

This rebranding will allow us to report on already existing synergies between fossil fuels and renewables, showcase the actions companies and governments are taking towards the energy transition and highlight remarkable renewable energy projects across the globe.

The Energy Year series will report on strategies and actions to decarbonise countries’ energy systems, improve companies’ green credentials, develop innovative low-carbon technologies and harness the potential of the world’s abundant renewable energy sources.

Oil and gas will remain at the core of our agenda as they continue to play a fundamental role in supporting global economic growth and supplying the world’s increasing energy demand.

The rebranding will also enable us to expand our products and services. And we will continue doing what we are good at – delivering first-hand intelligence on emerging energy markets to help you make better business decisions.

our edge

As world markets tackle the challenges of the international energy transition, The Energy Year sends teams of researchers to more than 30 territories in the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to conduct exclusive face-to-face interviews with the global energy industry elite.

our outreach

The Energy Year is invested in the territories we cover and we like to give back some of the generosity we have encountered in each one. We support a variety of individuals and groups worldwide, from an orphanage in Nigeria to housing projects in Peru.