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Localisation has become a requirement, affecting the rules regarding local content for all government purchases.
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Advanced Precision Industrial Services In Figures

Facility size: 50,000 square metres

Years of experience: More than 20

Advanced Precision Industrial Services (APS) is a high-tech company specialised in precision machining and engineering for the energy, aerospace and defence sectors. For the energy sector, the company provides one of the largest and most advanced skids for Saudi Aramco. In addition, APS fabricates other specialised skids and is adding modular skids, pressure vessels, tanks, steel structures and pipe spools to its current manufacturing capabilities.

APS is divided into two divisions:

  • Machining: The machining division produces hot path components; spare parts for gas turbines; port inserts, sleeves and bearing adapters; Sweepolet profile-hole machining; calibration blocks; electrical discharge machining and notching; and spare parts for phosphating units.
  • Fabrication shop: The fab-shop division produces chemical, methanol and slop injection skids; centrifugal compressor base plates; offshore and onshore artificial Centrilift variable speed drive skid systems; high-pressure CO2 purging skid systems; generator rotor platforms and rotor stands; explosion-proof cabinet enclosures; and conveyor roller systems.

APS is expanding its manufacturing capacity to provide more products and respond to the demand of its clients, including Saudi Aramco. The company further plans to build electrical insulators and medium-voltage load break switches for the national utility company Saudi Electricity Company. To further contribute to the development of Saudi Arabia, APS looks to localise technologies and know-how as well as train the local workforce. To achieve its localisation goals, the company has partnered with recognised international manufacturers.

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