Al Sanea Chemical Products

Abdullah AL SANEA

General Manager


We have to invest more in industries and other areas to emerge out of this pandemic in good shape.
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Al Sanea Chemical Products In Figures

Number of different chemicals produced: More than 100

Number of export countries: More than 30

Al Sanea Chemical Products is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of chemicals and cleaning products for industrial and household applications. The company’s products are suitable for a variety of end uses including:

  • Oil well drilling and servicing
  • Petroleum refining
  • Industrial fabrication
  • Water treatment
  • Fish and meat processing
  • Vehicle and aircraft maintenance
  • Protective and decorative coating
  • Household cleaning

Over the years, Al Sanea has invested in developing its line of oilfield chemicals. For the oil and gas industry, the company supplies products for refining, treating and purifying crude oil and for protecting equipment from corrosion, in addition to downhole chemicals and organic neutralisers, flocculants and scale inhibitors to combat buildup on equipment. These products can be tailored during the manufacturing process to suit different types of wells.

Al Sanea is one of the biggest private-sector chemical companies in Kuwait. The company has been a supplier of drilling- and refining-related chemicals to KOC and KNPC for decades, and developed trust among their contractors as well. More recently, the company has made large investments to bolster its line of chemicals for water treatment and won important tenders.

The company has extensive export experience and serves customers in more than 30 countries, with the majority of exports going to the Middle East.

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