We want to make sure production stays at a steady rate. While we are waiting for exploration results, we are going to start developing the marginal fields, of which we have many already identified.
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ANPG In Figures

Oil industry’s share of national exports90%

Oil industry’s contribution to Angola's GDP20%

Oil industry’s contribution to Angola's tax revenue40%

Number of employees600

National Oil, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANPG)

The National Oil, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANPG) is the regulatory body in charge of supervision, regulation and promotion of activities in the oil and gas industry. 

Under President Paulino Jerónimo’s leadership, the agency aims to increase political co-ordination and the efficiency of processes and facilitate ideal conditions to attract investment into the sector.

Created in 2019, the ANPG has a clear strategy through 2025. The agency intends to boost Angolan production by negotiating new agreements with the various stakeholders operating Angola’s oil and gas blocks and develop exploration activities by organising tenders.

The ANGP aims to build on its international recognition and continue providing value to Angola’s energy sector and its stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Consolidate and optimise the regulatory, supervisory and concessionaire functions of the ANPG;
  • Boost and intensify the replacement of reserves, with a view to mitigate the sharp decline in hydrocarbons production;
  • Ensure implementation of health, safety and environmental policies;
  • Implement policies aimed at the development of human capital

Operational objectives: The agency aims to tender more than 50 blocks between 2019 and 2025.

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