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ARGAS has recently completed the very first imaging of a potential structure for geothermal energy in Saudi Arabia.
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ARGAS In Figures

World-record vibroseis productivity in 24 hours: 44,000 VPs

Employee count:2,000-3,000

The Arabian Geophysical and Surveying Company (ARGAS) is a geophysical surveying company specialised in seismic data acquisition and processing services. The company was originally established as a semi-government joint venture in 1966 with the aim of localising geoscience knowledge and services for Saudi Aramco. With almost 60 years of experience, ARGAS is the world’s oldest company of its kind.

The company provides a full range of geophysical survey services:

  • Land seismic acquisition
  • Transition zone seismic acquisition
  • Ocean bottom seismic acquisition
  • Marine seismic acquisition
  • Airborne surveys
  • Magnetic surveys
  • Data analysis and imaging surveys
  • Equipment rental and sales

ARGAS continues to innovate and diversify its service offering. For these aims, the company has a dedicated technology centre in Al Khobar, and it has also joined the Dhahran Techno Valley, which is the premier science and technology hub of Saudi Arabia.

ARGAS has also expanded regionally and is active throughout the Middle East and Egypt. It is one of the only companies to have organically expanded beyond the boundaries of Saudi Arabia, and it continues to strategically enter new markets.

For the future, ARGAS is looking to continue building upon its legacy by developing new solutions and also supporting a sustainable economic system. The company is consequently creating small entrepreneurial houses driven by curiosity and passion.

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