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There is a general awareness that difficult times provide opportunities and create strong organisations that are resistant to adversity.
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BIC Seguros is the insurance branch of Banco BIC. It began operations in 2014 and maintained steady growth throughout the years. BIC Seguros expanded its range of products, created new partnerships all while operating to international standards.

  • Main focus: BIC Seguros focuses on customer satisfaction and innovation to secure a larger share of the market.
  • Competitive edge: The company has grown its local footprint and has actively developed an international network, particularly with reinsurance companies. 
  • Expertise: BIC Seguros has developed expertise in energy infrastructure projects and aims to develop a tighter relationship with field operators in Angola.

BIC Seguros Interviews and News

A stronger insurance sector in Angola BIC Seguros Fátima MONTEIRO
Angola - May 05, 2022

Fátima Monteiro, president of the executive council of BIC Seguros, talks to The Energy Year about the progress of Angola’s…