Chairman of the Board and CEO


“We believe that by locally manufacturing prepaid meters, we will help companies increase operating revenues and reduce import costs.”
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Hengye In Figuress

Angolan employees500+

Electricity meters annually300,000

Water meters annually200,000

Hengye Electronics Indústria is an Angolan company tied back to the Chinese Hengye Group. The company has established itself in Luanda and developed a plant to produce water and electricity meters for the Angolan market. Located in the Special Economic Zone (ZEE), Hengye Electronics has taken advantage of the infrastructure and easy-to-access services the zone provides to become a leading actor for in-country manufacturing of metering systems. 

Current activities: Hengye is participating in a tender the Angolan government has launched as a call to procure electricity meters to the country.  

Production capabilities: Hengye has the manufacturing capability to build 500,000 prepaid low-voltage meters a year. With high-end technology integrated to the metering system as well as a 24/7 technical support system, the company positions itself as a strong competitor for both price and quality.

Operational objectives: In the short term the company wants to diversify towards the production of electric cables and other components complementing the meters’ functioning.

Hengye Interviews

Angola - March 11, 2021

Frederico W.L. Pinnock Makilanda, chairman and CEO of Hengye Electronics Indústria, talks to The Energy Year about the benefits of rolling out prepaid electricity…