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There should be more government support to expand the market for refining globally.
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Kuwait Lube Oil Company In Figures

Kuwait Lube Oil Company (KLOC) is an EPA (Environment Public Authority) certified refiner that produces automotive and industrial oils and lubricants. The company was established in 1982, and it was the first in the GCC to collect and extract waste oil and lubricants generated by vehicles and industrial machinery in order to refine and blend them for further use.

KLOC operates from a multi-tank facility where it receives virgin and used base oils from domestic and international origin, which it blends at an output rate of about 65 tonnes per day. The company sells its products to the public under market-leading commercial brands, such as Hammer, Fury and Golden Eagle, and it also provides custom blending services for industrial customers to produce batches under specifications that meet their particular needs.

The company’s principal consumer products are:

  • Petrol and diesel engine oil
  • 2-stroke and 4-stroke motor oil
  • Gear oil
  • Base oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Greases

KLOC was a pioneer in Kuwait in offering alternatives for the environmentally sound disposal of spent oil, avoiding the dispersal of toxic metals and additives over land or in ground water. Today, KLOC focusses on base-oil processes that minimise the use of additives and finds growing demand for its products among industrial and petrochemicals companies.

In partnership with Intertek Caleb Brett, KLOC also has an R&D and testing lab where it can carry out used-oil analyses that yield information about how machinery is being utilised, and which customers can use towards equipment diagnostics and to identify inefficiencies in their production processes. In addition to serving the Kuwaiti market, KLOC also ships products to Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.

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