Emanuel BORGES

General Manager


The government has given strong signals that producing locally is the future.
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Quimicoil in figures

Workshop space20,000 sqm

Chemical production capacity300,000 litres per month

A game-change in Angola's oil and gas chemical market

Quimicoil is an example of how local business can develop and thrive in Angola. 

Founded in 2017, Quimicoil offers integrated solutions for everything related to chemical imports and manufacturing, including blending and locally producing products which then are sold directly or by third parties. Quimicoil produces chemicals at its 300,000-litres-per-month plant.

The company wants to fill a demand vacuum in the national industry, aiming to establish itself as the partner of choice of the oil and gas industry for locally produced chemicals in Angola. 

Among its flagship products, are sodium hypochlorite, citric acid, hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid, which are required during the logistical handling and transportation of crude oil in tankers, pipelines and terminals. 

  • Sustainable commitment: Quimicoil’s facilities can recycle plastic drums and it has a dedicated recycling unit to deal with environmental issues and a water treatment plant for treating wastewater. 
  • Ambitions and future plans: Establish a department with chemical and mechanical engineers to provide support to the companies that buy from them, get the ISO 9001 certification and exporting recycled plastic
  • Challenges: Maintaining the quality of imported chemical products such as sodium hypochlorite, which loses half of its concentration when imported

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