Inside a pipelay vessel owned by Nigeria's Sea Trucks Group

Afren to install new offshore pipeline in Nigeria

LAGOS, November 14, 2014 – West African Ventures, a subsidiary of the international Sea Trucks Group, announced on Friday it would begin installation of a 60-kilometre offshore pipeline in February 2015. The project was awarded to the group by London-headquartered exploration and production company Afren.


As a part of the contract, West African Ventures will employ two DP3 pipelay construction vessels to transport and install up to 435 tonnes of jacket, piles, bridges and topsides, as well as a pipeline end manifold. This is one of many offshore projects that Afren is involved in, developing Nigeria’s offshore. Its other offshore developments include those in the Okoro and Okwok fields. The company also works in the Ameena East and Ebok Deep fields, where drilling has officially begun.

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