Yaran oilfield

Iran begins production at South Yaran


TEHRAN, November 27, 2017 – Early production has begun at Iran’s South Yaran oilfield, local media reported on Sunday.

Production started up at a rate of 10,000 bopd at the field, which is shared with Iraq and is among the 52 fields on offer as part of Iran’s post-sanctions foreign investment drive.


An official from PEDEC, which manages the development of the asset, said six wells had been brought on line for the field’s early production phase.

The field’s northern portion, North Yaran, was brought on stream in November 2016 at a rate of 20,000 bopd. The PEDEC official also said plans were under way to combine development of the North and South Yaran fields, as was done recently with the country’s North and South Azadegan fields.

The news came the same day Iraq announced it would open bidding on nine exploration blocks, many of which border Iran.

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