Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait brings new Sabriyah phase on line

KUWAIT CITY, January 11, 2018 – Kuwait Oil Company on Wednesday announced the startup of a new phase of production at the Sabriyah oil and gasfield.

State news agency Kuna reported that the field is the first among three similar developments to be brought on stream, and the remaining two would come on line in the coming months. The developments will together add 14.2 mcm (500 mcf) per day and 200,000 bopd to Kuwait’s total production, the report said.


The Sabriyah field is located in North Kuwait and is home to oil gathering centres 23 and 24. In its early development, Sabriyah was considered one of the five key assets that would ramp up Kuwait’s oil production in light of declining output at the super-giant Burgan field. It was included in Project Kuwait, a USD 7-billion, 25-year investment plan launched in 1998.

Since 2016, the field has been developed by Schlumberger under a USD 480-million contract that also included the Umm Niqa oilfield. The US company contracted two Kuwait Drilling Company rigs in 2016 to carry out a drilling project for KOC for 40 wells in the Raudhatain and Sabriyah areas.

The Sabriyah field is host to a pilot scheme for the Kuwait Integrated Digital Field (KwIDF) project, which has equipped 49 wells at the field with advanced digital technology.

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