Shell, partners hit dry wells in Tanzania

LONDON, December 29, 2016 – Royal Dutch Shell and partners Ophir Energy and Pavilion Energy have found no hydrocarbons in the two wells they drilled offshore Tanzania, Ophir Energy said in a statement on Thursday.

“After evaluation, Shell, the operator of Blocks 1 and 4, has confirmed that good quality reservoir was encountered in both wells, however hydrocarbons were not found,” the press release read.


The Bunju prospect in Block 4 was believed to contain some 39.6 bcm (1.4 tcf) while the Kitatange structure in Block 1 was estimated to hold about 31.2 bcm (1.1 tcf) of gas. Ophir had previously calculated that the wells, drilled at a depth of approximately 2,300 metres and costing a combined total of USD 80 million, had a 36% and 40% chance of success, respectively.

The Noble Globetrotter 2 rig employed in the project was demobilised from the site as the completion of the two wells fulfilled the companies’ commitments stipulated in the exploration licenses for these blocks.

The joint venture was also awarded a bridging licence for the confirmed discoveries in Block 1, Ophir noted.

Image courtesy to: Foto-Io Istanbul

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