TransCanada México TOGY Mexico 2019 midstream operator of the year

TOGY Mexico 2019 midstream operator of the year

MEXICO CITY, February 5, 2019 – The Oil & Gas Year Mexico 2019 has presented the “Midstream Developer of the Year” award to TransCanada México.

The award was given by the TOGY Mexico team to the president of TransCanada México, Robert Jones, on Friday, January 25 at the company’s offices in Mexico City.


The award recognises TransCanada’s commitment to Mexico and its strategic involvement in the evolution of the country’s energy sector. The company is an important player in the development of the national pipeline network, owning and operating several major natural gas pipelines throughout the country.

The company’s most notable project is the 800-kilometre marine Sur de Texas-Tuxpan pipeline, which has the capacity to transport 73.6 mcm (2.6 bcf) of naturalgas per day and aims to boost power generation and supply growing industrial demand to Mexico’s central region.

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