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Mohammed DOGHMI



We are witnessing a phenomenal transformation of Saudi Arabia in a relatively short time.
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Alkhorayef Petroleum Company In Figures

Countries where Alkhorayef has operations: More than 40

Years of experience: More than 45

Alkhorayef Petroleum Company (APC) designs, engineers and manufactures specialised production systems for the oil and gas sector. Following its establishment in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s, the company is now a major player with a global presence.

New solutions are needed as production worldwide moves into hotter, harsher and deeper environments. APC is consequently working with engineers from across the world to develop the next generation of production systems and solutions. The company has also invested in its local manufacturing, and all its products are manufactured, assembled and tested in-country. Alkhorayef is further ready to help maintain and potentially increase Saudi Arabia’s production capacity.

APC has three major business lines: ESP systems and solutions, production facilities and wireline services.

  • ESP systems and solutions: pumps, gas separators and handlers, motors, protectors, gauges, cables, power control systems, horizontal pumping systems
  • Production facilities: design, installation, commissioning
  • Wireline services: well integrity, production logging, well intervention

APC’s growth strategy is built on expanding these three business lines. In accordance with this strategy, Alkhorayef has expanded organically in the MENA region and in Latin America. The company also sees opportunities in the US.

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