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The National Investment Strategy aims to build on Saudi Arabia’s strengths in order to increase the quality and magnitude of national investment.
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Asharqia Chamber In Figures

Joint member count:More than 104,000

Years of experience: More than 70

Asharqia Chamber is one of the oldest organisations devoted to promoting the private sector in Saudi Arabia. In operation since 1952, the chamber focuses on the development of the Eastern Province and has its headquarters in Dammam and regional branches in Jubail, Khafji and Qatif.

Asharqia Chamber today represents one of the most important commercial and economic institutions in the kingdom and offers a wide range of services to its large membership:

  • Training centre: Theoretical and practical training in various areas with accredited certifications
    Investment development: Investment opportunities in the kingdom
  • Social responsibility centre: Social responsibility programmes to promote a partnership between civil society, business and the community
  • Small and medium enterprise development centre: Entrepreneurial support for small and medium-sized businesses to improve their competitiveness
  • Youth business council: Business guidance for young people to help them create new businesses
    Young women business council: Business guidance for young women

Asharqia Chamber’s vision is to lead the sustainable development of private sector activities in the Eastern Province by providing high quality services. It also seeks to accelerate the pace of economic growth and diversification in the kingdom. The chamber aims to achieve its vision by being a sponsor for the business community, a pioneer in sustainable development and a provider of outstanding services.

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