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We intend to be even more ambitious about our data-driven AI solutions in climate change.
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Bell Energy

Intelligent energy assurance

Bell Energy is a global provider of business consultancy and engineering services to the oil and gas, refining, chemicals, petrochemicals and process sectors. Its areas of focus include process safety, asset integrity, environment, health and risk management. Headquartered in the UK, Bell Energy works worldwide with national and international energy companies to perform engineering studies, conduct training and develop systems and procedures for minimising risk in plant operations.

Technology-forward: Bell Energy deploys and develops technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, AI and blockchain services for the energy industry.
Risk management: The company’s risk management services include setting up policies and systems, identification of hazards and controls, performing quantitative risk assessments, fire safety design, maintaining integrity of assets and providing advice on risk management.
Global presence: Bell Energy has offices in Australia, India, the UAE, USA and Canada, as well as working via partnerships in Kuwait and Oman.
Clean energy: The company has developed software tools and consulting solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation. It is also pursuing data-driven solutions for hydrogen safety.

Building on its position as a leading HSE services provider, Bell Energy is concentrating on bringing latest technologies to energy industry applications such as AI for equipment failure prediction and maintenance management, and augmented and virtual reality for training.

Bell Energy in figures

Companies Bell Energy has served:More than 220

Projects on which Bell Energy has worked:More than 1,400

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