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Capital Star Steel In Figures

Production capacity:

Acquisition price in 2016: About USD 35 million

Capital Star Steel (CSS) manufactures steel pipes for oil and gas, construction and mining applications. A subsidiary of South Africa’s Lionsteel since its acquisition in 2016, the company is based in Mozambique and serves customers across Africa and overseas.

The company specialises in high-frequency-welded steel pipes. Core products are typically manufactured in diameters ranging between 8 inches and 24 inches and in various wall thicknesses, but CSS can also manufacture pipes to custom specifications to meet particular project requirements.

The bulk of CSS production goes into water lines in Southern Africa, but its pipes can be used for a wide variety of other purposes, including onshore and offshore oil and gas transmission, sewage and industrial waste transmission and outfall, construction of structural members and foundation piles for buildings, bridges and harbours, as well as for various kinds of casing and tubing.

CSS offers various coating and lining options to protect pipes from corrosion and acid damage, and to maintain the internal integrity required to handle different flow liquids, including chemicals and petrochemicals. Pipes are automatically marked during production to allow accurate tracking through inspection and testing phases, as well as through to storage, delivery and placement.

The company operates from a manufacturing plant in Beluluane Industrial Park, near the port of Maputo and the main road lines leading to South Africa, Angola and the Southern Africa hinterland.

To support its activities, CSS has an established supply chain for raw materials and arrangements in place for guaranteed constant supply of electricity from the Cahora Bassa power plant.

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