Gabon Power Company

Gabon Power Company

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Total power generation capacity: 253 MW

Gabon Power Company (GPC) is developing sustainable energy for Gabon. The company researches, designs, builds and operates electricity and water production infrastructure. 

Established in 2015 through the Gabonese Strategic Investment Fund, GPC now has a variety of power generation projects currently under development.

  • Kinguélé Aval: Located north of Libreville, Kinguélé is a hydro project that will have a 35-MW capacity upon completion and cover 13% of the electricity needs of Libreville. The project will moreover replace currently used unclean energy, saving 150,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. The project is being carried out with Meridiam.
  • IPP Owendo: A natural gas thermal power plant, IPP Owendo will have a capacity of 120 MW. The project is located in the Estuaire Province, which includes the country’s largest port, Owendo. The project is being developed with Wärtsilä.
  • Ngoulmendjim: Ngoulmendjim is a hydro project located in Estuaire Province and is aligned with the Emerging Gabon Strategic Plan 2025. The plant will have a capacity of 83 MW. The project’s partner is the Eranove Group.
  • Dibwangui: Another hydro project, Dibwangui will have a capacity of 15 MW and is located in Ngounié Province. The project is expected to cover all the energy needs of this region. The project is being developed in partnership with Eranove Group.
  • Ntoum 7:  GPC’s final project is its Ntoum 7 water treatment plant, developed under a memorandum including the government of Gabon, the Gabonese Strategic Investment Fund and Eranove Group. It is located between Ntoum and Kango and will have a capacity of 130,000 cubic metres per day, benefiting around 600,000 people.

With these projects, GPC sets out to diversify the Gabonese energy mix and provide sustainable energy for its population.

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