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The transformation of conventional vessel management into a completely digitalised form is an essential part of today’s era.
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Integrated Marine Solutions

Digital seafaring

Integrated Marine Solutions (IMS) offers tailored digital solutions designed for vessel operational management, focusing on smart engine applications, utilising data analytics and artificial intelligence. These solutions enhance asset performance, grant access to machinery insights for proactive maintenance and furnish an overview of asset operations to support informed decision-making. Its partners include Praxis Automation Technology, Hi Pro Electronics and Master Systems.

Faisal Alzahrani, managing director of IMS, has said “IMS’ full digitalisation package aligns perfectly with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious pledge to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2060.”


  • Inspection and Certification
  • Marine Materials Warehouse
  • Vessel Digitalisation
  • Ship Chandler

Introducing marine fuel management solutions in the kingdom: In collaboration with Fueltrax, the globally recognised leader in vessel fuel management and tracking systems, IMS implements onboard systems that use smart meters to directly measure fuel mass flow, enhancing precision and dependability over volume-based measurements.

This technology directly monitors fuel consumption and transfers on board, empowering vessel operators to effectively curtail operational expenses and annual fuel expenditures.

Human power development: IMS entered into a partnership with the National Maritime Academy to provide training for the inaugural group of electro-technical officers within the country.

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