Kuwait Application Service Provider

Kuwait Application Service Provider

Kuwait Application Service Provider In Figures

Contract revenue growth in 2023: 30%

Number of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP implementations in Kuwait: More than 18

Kuwait Application Service Provider (KASP) is an IT company that provides products and services to Kuwait’s public administration and to businesses in the transportation, financial services, media, construction and oil and gas sectors. KASP is part of the BoodaiCorp family of companies, a business conglomerate with more than 7,000 employees and aggregate annual turnover in excess of USD 800 million.

Main business areas:

  • Cloud ERP [enterprise resource planning] and digital transformation
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Cybersecurity management
  • Business automation

KASP started out developing custom software for BoodaiCorp companies before adopting a low-code approach based on a model-driven visual language that enables developers to create applications with minimal hand coding, which reduces development costs and makes it easier to scale platforms and keep them updated.

The company is present in the entire cycle of the solutions it supplies, from the design phase through to on-site implementation, including training and change management at client companies, as well as after-sales support and the deployment of improvements to installed software.

KASP has significant experience implementing cloud ERP software, seeking always to tailor features and functionality to its clients’ priorities, and to minimise disruptions to day-to-day business during roll-out phases and subsequent updates.

The company has also built business intelligence and analytics for major corporations and government agencies. Deployments include data warehouses and management dashboards as well as tools for enterprise-wide predictive analytics that help determine where efficiencies can be introduced.

In the cybersecurity sphere, KASP is exclusive partner in the GCC for Maxxsure, a leading IT security risk management firm, and is equipped to supply tools that help conduct comprehensive security assessments, document findings and streamline decision making.

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