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Having additional refinery capacity is critical for Kuwait and its economy.
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Kuwait Catalyst Company In Figures

Production capacity: 5,000 tonnes per year

Years of experience: More than 25

Kuwait Catalyst Company was established in 1996 to provide catalytic solutions to the regional refining industry. The company manufactures a variety of hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts used in the production of a broad range of refined petroleum products.

The company also offers comprehensive technical services and support, including product modelling and testing, pilot plant testing, catalyst loading, performance monitoring and spent catalyst analysis. It is equipped to handle shipping and transportation, fitting, and after-sales servicing and maintenance.

The company’s plant is located in the Shuaiba Industrial area and was built to high specifications using technology under licence from ART Hydroprocessing, a leading designer and manufacturer in catalysts and lubes. The plant has a nameplate capacity of 5,000 tonnes per year that can be ramped up to 6,500 for peak production. Its digital process management systems allow versatility to offer products that meet different clients’ specific requirements.

In the context of a global, long-term trend towards more stringent environmental regulations, demand for catalytic solutions capable of delivering cleaner fuels is increasing. As the sole manufacturer in the GCC area of proprietary catalysts for the oil and gas industry, Kuwait Catalyst Company holds a key position within a thriving sector.

Selected client list:

  • Egyptian General Petroleum Company
  • Jordan Petroleum Company
  • JX Nippon Oil and Gas Exploration Corporation
  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company
  • National Oil Corporation, Libya
  • Pertamina
  • PetroChina
  • Saudi Aramco
  • TotalEnergies
  • Valero Energy Corporation

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