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In today’s world, businesses are data-driven and extremely reliant on mission-critical software and applications.
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LEAN Services In Figures

Share of staff involved in technical operations: 82%

LEAN Services is an IT consultancy and a provider of cloud-based products and services. Established in 2019, the company is licensed by Kuwait’s Communication and Information Technology Authority as a cloud computing provider, and it also meets the requirements set out by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

The company offers virtual data centre services for the hosting of applications and enterprise workloads; disaster recovery services that allow operations to continue following a data breach or malicious attack; backup and data protections services that allow the integration and centralised management of different data repositories; and a host of ancillary cloud management services that support the design, oversight and protection of IT processes.

LEAN offers its services on a pay-as-you-grow basis, which allows customers to keep their IT expenditures proportional to the scale of their systems.

LEAN was the first Kuwaiti company to become a VMWare Cloud Verified provider, a designation that allows the company to use VMWare’s internationally prestigious technologies in the solutions that it develops for its customers. LEAN is also an authorised provider of data protection solutions from Cohesity.

All of the company’s infrastructure and services are hosted in Kuwait, which ensures data sovereignty and helps maintain high access speeds. As a local player, LEAN is in a unique position to understand and address the unique needs of Kuwait’s markets, and the company has become the chosen partner for important local and international organisations from a range of sectors, such as Boursa Kuwait, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, IKEA, McDonald’s and Spetco.