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Instead of being influenced by what they read or hear about Saudi Arabia, I kindly ask investors to visit the country. The events taking place are unbelievable.
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Size of planned NEOM worskhop13,000 square metres

Testing Equipment Specialist Team

Testing Equipment Specialist Team Company (TEST)

Testing Equipment Specialist Team Company (TEST), headquartered in Saudi Arabia, offers inspection services throughout the country. It is a professional engineering services company specialising in inspection, testing, verification, training, certification, auditing and engineering consulting services for diverse industries, including oil and gas.

Othman Al Zahrani, founder and CEO of TEST told The Energy Year, “We are in the very early stages of the inspection sector, and by 2030 I believe Saudi Arabian projects might have a market size of up to USD 100 billion. We want to have a 2% market share and be the top local inspection company.”

Scope: TEST is committed to serving onshore and offshore drilling operations and water services.

TEST has SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization) accreditation to inspect heavy machinery, oil and gas equipment, various types of trailers and semi-trailers. It is also authorised to perform audits on workshops for automobile dealerships, conduct tanker inspections and assess facilities in the petrochemical and oil product industries, among other services.

Clients: TEST’s clients include SABIC, Saudi Aramco, SANAD and ARO Drilling.

Activity at NEOM: TEST is leasing land at the planned NEOM urban site for a 13,000-square-metre workshop, where it will provide its full range of services. TEST’s aim is to support global industry leaders in accessing cutting-edge, world-class initiatives such as NEOM.

Open for partnerships with foreign companies interested in providing specialised inspection and certification services within the country, such as establishing testing laboratories for goods.

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