Vivo Energy

Vivo Energy Gabon In Figures

Total volume Gabon in 2022: 70 million litres

Number of service stations: 24

Vivo Energy is a pan-African retailer and distributor of Shell and Engen fuels and lubricants. The company also has a growing non-retail business focused on sustainable energy solutions. In Gabon, its head office is in Libreville, and it has been operating in Gabon under different names since 1971. Vivo Energy Gabon markets the Engen brand.

Vivo Energy Gabon’s services are split between two lines:

  • Retail: Engen unleaded and diesel fuels
  • Commercial: Products for aviation, construction, road transport, power, mining, marine and commercial B2B

As a retail fueller, Vivo Energy looks to improve and build upon its retail network across Africa, and its purpose is to provide responsible energy solutions that enable the development of the continent. The company also seeks to be the most respected energy company in Africa.

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