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We are anticipating market trends, so we have one foot in the oil and gas industry and another in wind energy.
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Watsen provides project development and services in the areas of energy, ports, infrastructure and manufacturing.

Recent Watsen projects include:

Heavy manufacturing for the wind industry:

  • Built-to-suit development in the Port of Altamira for an onshore and offshore wind industry manufacturing plant.
  • Project 11 of the Second Package of Infrastructure Projects with public and private investment (2020)
  • USD 150-million Investment
  • 3,300 jobs (2,000 indirect and 1,300 direct).
  • 30,000-tonne-per-year Increase in cargo at the Port of Altamira.

Logistics base for the oil and gas sector:

  • Built-to-suit development at the Port of Altamira for a logistics base for the oil and gas industry located in the Perdido Fold Belt and Mexican Ridges blocks
  • USD 50-million investment
  • Four docking positions of 100 metres each
  • 900 jobs (600 indirect and  300 direct)
  • Customs yard areas for storage and fabrication

Market studies developed by Watsen reveal the following information for the oil and gas and wind industries:

Oil and gas:

  • USD 3.3 billion in investments for oil and gas-related projects in the state of Tamaulipas
  • Approximately a total of 30 oil wells as exploration activity near Altamira
  • USD 1 billion total investment made in the oil and gas sector near Altamira by 2021

As of early 2024, the company had 35 GW of offshore wind capacity installed worldwide. Approximately 4.8% of the total global accumulated wind capacity.

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