Sonangol Angola

Angola, Eni sign $220-mln refinery deal

LUANDA, June 15, 2018 – Eni and Sonangol have signed a USD 220-million co-operation agreement to increase petrol output at the Luanda refinery from 280 tonnes to 1,200 tonnes per day, local media reported Thursday. 


Eni will provide both technical assistance and financing, Jornal de Angola reported. Two stages of the project are planned, the first for maintenance and operational improvements, and the second for the construction of an additional unit to increase petrol production.

“Angola expects, at the end of this work, substantially to reduce imports of some derivatives, mainly petrol, spending less money on capital exports and, if things go well, it would not be surprising even to export small quantities of petrol to some African countries,” Sonangol head Carlos Saturnino said.

In a separate development, a consortium of shareholders to relaunch the second phase of the Lobito refinery will be set up by the end of August, Saturnino added.

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