Norway and Germany sign hydrogen partnership

Norway and Germany sign hydrogen partnership


STAVANGER, January 6, 2023 – Equinor and German energy company RWE have signed an MoU to develop hydrogen-related assets in Norway and Germany and build a hydrogen pipeline linking the two markets, the Norwegian NOC announced on Thursday.

The projects include construction of jointly owned combined cycle gas turbine facilities in Germany that will be upgraded to support hydrogen as fuel, hydrogen production facilities with CCS capabilities in Norway and an export pipeline.

The pipeline is currently being evaluated through a feasibility study by Norwegian pipeline player Gassco and the two partners. The asset will transport hydrogen created by capturing more than 95% of carbon dioxide from Equinor’s natural gas production.


All developments under the partnership require regulatory approvals.

The move is in line with Germany’s goal to phase out coal-based power plants by 2030.

“In order to make progress in the conversion from fossil fuels to hydrogen, there is an urgent need for a rapid ramp up of the hydrogen economy,” said Markus Krebber, CEO of RWE.

“Blue hydrogen in large quantities can make a start, with subsequent conversion into green hydrogen supply.”