A market full of growth opportunities TEY_post_Francisco-MONTEIRO

In Angola, a country blessed with resources while urgently needing solutions, BRIMONT believes growth will come from almost everywhere.

Francisco MONTEIRO Chairman and CEO BRIMONT

A market full of growth opportunities

March 4, 2024

Francisco Monteiro, chairman and CEO of BRIMONT, talks to The Energy Year about the company’s investment to increase Angola’s manufacturing capacity and its involvement in the oil and gas sector. BRIMONT is an Angolan multiservice and industrial company that operates in the areas of procurement, consulting, HR solutions, real estate, energy, lifecare, chemicals and workwear production.

How is BRIMONT investing in Angola’s manufacturing capacity?
We are investing steadily, mainly in sodium hypochlorite and workwear for now. All our manufacturing processes are certified, according to industry best practices, and compliant with national and international safety and environmental standards. Our vision is also to be recognised as a relevant industrial company.
In 2022 we inaugurated our new sodium hypochlorite plant to produce this rather scarce commodity here in Angola. The plant is located in Luanda and has a 900,000 litre production capacity per month (900 intermediate bulk containers/month), enough by far to supply all needs for this commodity in the Angolan oil and gas industry.
We want to continue increasing our capacities on the chemicals side. The expansion for the local production of chemicals is planned, and a new factory in Soyo will be commissioned in Q4 of 2024.
We expect to provide more value to the market of speciality chemicals by importing the raw materials and blending them here.
We started producing workwear in November 2023. We are producing special working clothes using high-end fabrics, which are electrostatic and fire retardant, with the possibility to apply telemetry and customisation as per our clients’ requirements. Combined with our procurement services, we aim to develop a one-stop shop for industrial safety equipment.

How is BRIMONT’s involvement in the oil and gas sector evolving?
Initially our strategy was to grow through the procurement of goods. Due to the nature of the goods and the combination of competencies and ambition we have, we are becoming a bit more complex technologically and can deliver integrated solutions from supply until operation.
While we are mostly suppliers of speciality chemicals for oil and gas, our related services such as chemical injection are becoming similarly relevant. We are also involved in asset integrity and are obtaining qualifications in this area, mostly with respect to the monitoring of corrosion, which is also related to chemicals to a certain extent.
However, support services in general remain our main activity. Most companies know that if they have any need, BRIMONT is here to assist in a solution.
Our track record for oil and gas includes a wide array of solutions, from accommodations (including for quarantine), staffing and recruitment, asset management, strategic supplies and project management outsourcing.
Currently, we are investing in an accommodation facility in Soyo that can accommodate up to 30 people, and we are also investing in some assets for remote site accommodation, as we’re already thinking about the future support of projects onshore.


What is your strategy for increasing your market share in the speciality chemicals market?
Quality and market relevance is our strategy. Our product has to be good as well as local. I believe that we will be capable of achieving this.
For instance, in our contract for Block 3 for the supply of chemicals and related services, we, in partnership with Brenntag, have been able to develop specific formulations for some of the production chemicals. These products have been tailor made for the specific conditions observed, resulting in production maximisation and improvement in financial performance. This investment in each client to add value to daily operations is the key point of our strategy.

What are the key goals for BRIMONT’s HR and labour provision division?
The key goal is to reach a point where the Angolan workforce is well qualified and meets production goals wherever they are allocated. BRIMONT is aligned with the ideas of competent local content, the right people for the right project, and a real commitment to value creation.

What other growth venues do you identify for BRIMONT?
For procurement services, we feel that the mining sector is an area in which we can significantly grow. It is definitely an industrial sector in which we anticipate strategically adapting our oil and gas expertise. We already have Catoca as a client, which is the country’s main reference in mining, and we aim to add value to other important companies and upcoming projects.
In Angola, a country blessed with resources while urgently needing solutions, BRIMONT believes growth will come from almost everywhere.

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