The Energy Year Trinidad & Tobago 2023


“Trinidad and Tobago is fortunate to have many world-class players such as BP, Shell and Nutrien – some of the biggest players in the world – operating locally. Therefore, we have the combined technical capabilities of local and international experts resident in our country.” 

Mark Loquan, President of the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited

The Energy Year Trinidad & Tobago 2023 explores the evolving landscape of the energy industry in the twin-island Caribbean nation, including continued efforts to ramp up its critical natural gas production against the backdrop of increasing global pressure to reduce carbon emissions, the restructuring of ownership at the Atlantic LNG plant and the country’s first steps toward the development of clean fuels and a renewable energy industry.

“Trinidad and Tobago’s investment in infrastructure for oil and gas and petrochemicals will be relevant going forward, even with the move into renewable energy. For example, when we look at the potential to implement power generation with offshore wind, we are thinking about using similar technologies, infrastructure and services to those that made Trinidad and Tobago a successful offshore player.”

Carina Cockburn, Country Representative for the Inter-American Development Bank

The Energy Year Trinidad & Tobago 2023 also highlights the strategic move to develop a green hydrogen industry and how the nation can leverage over 100 years of industry experience to offer expertise, logistics and downstream infrastructure to nearby frontier oil and gas markets such as Guyana and Suriname.

This eighth edition of The Energy Year’s Trinidad and Tobago series provides existing and potential investors with up-to-date insights on major developments in the country’s energy industry and highlights how this evolving market can create opportunities for investment in the upstream, downstream and renewables sectors.

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