The Oil & Gas Year Gabon 2019


The book features dozens of interviews, including with:

Many more are only available in the report such as:

  • Baptiste Breton, General Manager, Perenco
  • Edouard Sanguinetti, Gabon Country Manager, Peschaud
  • Michel Mboussou, General Director, SGEPP
  • Philippe Autié, France’s ambassador to Gabon
  • Chris Koubdje, General Manager, Maurel & Prom Gabon

“We have been working to transform our organisation and operations to position ourselves for the current national and global challenges in the hydrocarbons sector.” 

Patrichi Christian Tanasa, CEO, Gabon Oil

Over the past five years, Gabon has been severely impacted by the drop in oil prices and declines in hydrocarbons production. However, the adoption of a new hydrocarbons code is poised to make all the difference in attracting new investment to the country for its 12th bidding round. While challenges remain, the outlook is positive for the country with newcomers entering the market.

“We in the industry have always believed that Rabi cannot be alone. There must be something else, but you need money and technology to find it.” 

Charles Tchen, General Manager of Independent Petroleum Consultants

The Oil & Gas Year Gabon 2019 is focused on Gabon Oil’s upstream and downstream development plan, designed to support the growth of the national hydrocarbons industry and to ensure the NOC becomes a major African player.

This seventh edition of The Oil & Gas Year Gabon provides foresight to investors and companies looking at strategic growth opportunities in the country, at a time when new policies and public policy changes are reshaping an important African energy industry.

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In this report

  • New foundation, new frontiers in Gabon

    Patrichi Christian TANASA

    Administrator and General Director


    We are deploying new development strategies that take into account the new hydrocarbons environment in Gabon and the human potential of its highly qualified employees.
  • Solid framework spurs Gabon’s growth

    Nicolas BALESME

    Managing Partner and Regional Leader


    The development of Gabon Oil Company is one of the key levers of the state to support the development of an ecosystem of Gabonese entrepreneurs and subcontractors, whether in the upstream with GOC or in the downstream with Gabon Oil Marketing and other stakeholders.
  • Recovery in motion in Gabon


    Country Managing Partner


    The sector looks more dynamic now, with a more attractive hydrocarbons code about to come into force and the 12th bidding round due in September 2019.
  • Gabon’s E&P imperative

    Charles TCHEN

    General Manager


    We in the industry have always believed that Rabi cannot be alone. There must be something else, but you need money and technology to find it.
  • Necessary exploration in Gabon

    Henri-Max NDONG NZUE


    It is necessary to relaunch exploration to find production relays for the country's production.

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