The Energy Year Mexico 2023


The book features dozens of interviews, including:

“The participation of the private sector is becoming increasingly important. What people are looking for is to accelerate production, and in this journey, private operators are also excelling and have recently hit the 100,000-bopd threshold.” Alberto de la Fuente, President and General Director, Shell Mexico

The Energy Year Mexico 2023 highlights Mexico’s efforts to increase crude oil production via Pemex and private operators, to achieve fuel self-sufficiency by means of the new Olmeca refinery, to extend in-country and transborder gas pipelines, and to upgrade its power generation capacity through the construction of six combined-cycle power plants, as well as an array of solar and wind initiatives.

We see that the energy transition is gaining traction. Gas is now seen as the transition vehicle and Mexico has huge gas potential.Merlin Cochran, General Director, AMEXHI

The Energy Year Mexico 2023 portrays Mexico’s current efforts to reinforce state-owned companies Pemex and the CFE, the need of the country to monetise and further utilise natural gas as means of economic development, opportunities arising from transborder energy integration with the USA, and the ambitious quest to achieve energy security by expanding refining capacity.

This eighth edition of The Energy Year’s Mexico series provides international and local investors a deep insight on the intricate dynamics shaping the present and future of Mexico’s energy industry. This brand-new edition offers a holistic overview of the main undertakings and opportunities found across Mexico’s energy value chain – from oil and gas to renewables.

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