Challenges in the truck shipping sector TEY_post_Chiamaka_Maduabum

There is high demand for moving containers from the terminals to any destination across Nigeria.


Challenges in the truck shipping sector

February 22, 2023

Chiamaka Maduabum, chief commercial officer of Knots-Global Shipping Company, talks to The Energy Year about how the company remains competitive and its strategy to expand. Knots-Global Shipping Company provides trucks and barges in the shipping industry, while its sister company Glenstar Marine provides marine consultancy and marine logistics services in the oil and gas industry.

What challenges did the company face when entering the truck shipping sector?
One of the challenges we face as a logistics company is getting containers delivered to the end users on time. The companies importing these goods need their products to get to the end customer as quick as possible.
There is high demand for moving containers from the terminals to any destination across Nigeria and the market requires trucking services to deliver these containers. However, there are certain difficulties. Roads are easily saturated due to traffic in Nigeria. We sometimes witness blockages and there is often an issue with road quality that requires some logistics as to the routes taken. Due to these challenges, delays are possible. In addition, we bear the whole responsibility of the containers, which comes with a high risk.


How is Knots-Global Shipping Company ensuring quality services?
We portray 100% professionalism by providing state-of-the-art trucks and barges. Through bright minds and experienced staff, we show competence in delivering our service. We take good care of our workers and ensure they go through the proper training. All our trucks are equipped with close-circuit television cameras to ensure the safety of drivers and quality of our services.
We currently own 15 trucks and are looking to acquire more. We design the trucks so that they are fit for purpose on Nigerian roads and can carry containers measuring 20 feet to 40 feet [6.1 metres to 12.2 metres]. In addition, we provide security for the trucks.

What strategy is the company employing to expand its operations?
We are trying to develop an app through which clients can fill in the required data and place an order for us to deliver their containers to the desired locations. The technology would also help the clients monitor and track container movements during transit. We are working on partnering with other companies and then acquiring a land space for storage of containers.
We currently provide quality service to most international shipping companies while creating awareness and making our presence felt. We look forward to working with more international shipping companie, such as CMA CGM and the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

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