MEDENG: an upgrade in MPFM technology

MEDENG’s technology offers unmatched benefits that are yet to be seen in the Mexican industry.

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Range of flow rates in the company’s MPFMs:20 bopd-40,000 bopd

MEDENG: an upgrade in MPFM technology

November 23, 2022

MEDENG is a pioneering multi-phase flow meter (MPFM) technology provider for the oil and gas industry, with its main headquarters in Calgary, Canada. The company developed and sold its first MPFM in 1992, and its technology is 100% patented and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

MEDENG aims to provide the best MPFM solutions and services for production allocation, focusing on surface, topside and subsea applications. By manufacturing first-class MPFM equipment, the firm delivers reliable data which will help clients maximise the value of their reservoir assets. Their state-of-the-art technology measures liquid hydrocarbons, gas and water phases during production without prior separation or line conditioning. It thus represents a modern approach to conventional well measurement solutions.
Over the years, MEDENG has become an integrated company offering end-to-end solutions to the oil and gas industry. The company has robust manufacturing capabilities, both in Canada and China, being able to offer tailor-made solutions by manufacturing MPFMs according to the specifications of their clients. In addition, MEDENG’s personnel have rich experience in the commissioning, operation and maintenance of MPFMs worldwide. The firm also offers training courses and technical support for the correct handling and operation of MPFMs.


PIONEERING TECHNOLOGY: MEDENG’s technology is based on models that process information from fluid flows, provided by pressure, temperature and ultrasonic sensors. This allows companies to produce minimal head loss. From here, the company has proven to be an MPFM pioneer by making the first-ever large-scale deployment of land MPFMs. They have also managed to deploy the smallest MPFM, at an 0.5-inch pipe size. Additionally, their MPFM technology is unique as it does not require expensive PVT [pressure-volume temperature] data and has the largest turndown ratio in the industry at 100:1.
This cutting-edge technology has advantages when compared to conventional market-solutions. Firstly, all production of reliable data is reported in real time, which allows more informed and timely decision making. Likewise, no prior separation or conditioning of process flow is needed, which reduces overall time and costs. Opex is therefore relatively lower than conventional solutions even during large-scale MPFM deployment. This technology also grants feasibility for individual well monitoring. Lastly, it contributes to the reduction of emissions to generate a positive impact on the environment.
MEDENG offers a diverse range of multi-phase flow meter products such as single- and dual-range, wet gas, subsea and downhole MPFMs, as well as SAGD [steam assisted gravity drainage] MPFMs. SAGD is an EOR technology for the production of heavy crude with specifications including fluid temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius, API crude graded from 8 to 14 degrees and sand rates of up to 5% in volume. The company can build MPFMs with wide ranges of flow rates – from 20 bopd to 40,000 bopd total liquid phase and 200 cubic feet per day to 90,000 cubic feet per day total gas phase.

UNMATCHED BENEFITS: MEDENG offers the execution of tests of its technology for Pemex and private oil companies in order that customers can evaluate its performance, to achieve reliability in the management of the measurement processes and ensure compliance with Mexican regulators and legislation.
The company’s approach is directly related to the agreements and preparatory contracts that allow a strategic sourcing methodology to define the terms and conditions to be used to facilitate the supply of goods and services of direct import for Pemex, its subsidiaries and the private industrial sector, which contribute to the updating and modernisation of the infrastructure of the metering systems in this country.
MEDENG’s technology offers unmatched benefits that are yet to be seen in the Mexican industry. Its performance is more accurate, it has a lesser environmental impact and it also allows the customer to optimise infrastructure costs and achieve energy savings. For instance, if we compared the investment made in a two-phase test separator versus an MPFM, the cost of a separator is USD 3 million while the cost of a multi-phase meter is around USD 500,000-400,000.
The company’s technology development plan in Mexico is also based on the implementation of smart field technology, which allows it to obtain all the data and information needed to optimise operations from a single field without excess personnel, equipment, or platforms. The firm has been planning this smart field concept for some time, and it is about to be widely deployed now. It will be the new normal in the short term. It has already been implemented in other countries in the Middle East or the North Sea, and is already receiving strong interest in Mexico.

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