Strategic capabilities in oilfield services TEY_post_Jithu_Thomas_George

Kuwait's Vision 2035 aims to transform the country into a financial and trade hub regionally and internationally.

Jithu Thomas GEORGE Executive Director ENEXT GLOBAL & APEX ENERGY

Strategic capabilities in oilfield services

June 14, 2023

Jithu Thomas George, the executive director of Enext Global and Apex Energy, talks to The Energy Year about the companies' significant capabilities as part of the Zenith Group, as well as the role they can play in the oil and gas sector of Kuwait. Enext Global and Apex Energy are Kuwaiti companies operating within the oil well drilling and oilfield services, refinery, marine and construction industries.

What are the key strengths of Enext Global and Apex Energy?
Enext Global is a one of its kind e-commerce, tech-enabled platform specialised in the B2B procurement of oil and gas equipment and industrial supplies such as MRO [maintenance, repair and operations], safety, electricals, lighting, power tools and other essentials for the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in the Middle East. We are committed to reducing costs and improving the overall supply chain efficiency across domains by combining an expansive global procurement network, exemplary client servicing practices, excellent warehousing facilities and extensive inventory in Kuwait.
Apex Energy provides a wide range of products and services to companies in the oil and gas industry in Kuwait and other areas of MENA. Our expertise includes machine shops, fabrication and technical support, which adds value to our customers’ operations with a focus on quality, integrity and safe practices. We are one of the only companies in the region to hold multiple highly coveted licences from the American Petroleum Institute (API), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Our core competence includes well control and other critical upstream equipment repairs, maintenance and services. We are the preferred facility for the majority of drilling companies in Kuwait and a trusted partner for top OEMs in the industry.

What are Enext Global’s and Apex Energy’s key capabilities within the Zenith Group?
The key capabilities of Enext Global and Apex Energy are both extremely strategic for Zenith Group in the various oil and gas verticals our group is steadily expanding to, namely drilling and workover operations, oilfield environmental services, EPC and maintenance of the energy sector, and well surveillance activities.
Enext Global adds immense value to the group by taking on the role of the centralised procurement entity, thereby making the process extremely efficient in terms of cost, quality and time, courtesy of excellent relationships with OEMs worldwide and the advantage of purchase volumes. Apex Energy is absolutely integral to the equation by bringing to the table years of excellence in engineering, design, manufacturing and fabrication, which consistently helps the group control pricing and execute projects within stipulated deadlines.


How important is the trading segment of the business for Enext Global?
Kuwait’s “New Kuwait” Vision 2035 aims to transform the country into a financial and trade hub regionally and internationally, making it more attractive to investors. Taking this into consideration, we are extremely passionate about transforming Enext Global into one of the most prominent trading companies in Kuwait that serves clients globally. Since our inception as suppliers of upstream oil and gas equipment and spares, we have made significant progress. We are now aggressively diversifying into different areas, such as the EPC, industrial and power segments, and we are an approved vendor for most of the distinguished public and private sector organisations in Kuwait.

What role can Apex Energy play in Kuwait’s offshore drilling campaign?
Apex Energy has extensive experience in manufacturing large quantities of mud skips, skids, baskets and containers in compliance with DNV and ISO standards for multiple clients, which are pivotal products in this field. Additionally, our QA/QC team can add significant value in the areas of pressure testing and re-certification of critical equipment. With Apex Energy’s reputation and years of proficiency in the design and manufacturing of API-monogrammed equipment for onshore rigs, the expansion into offshore operations is a natural progression, and our engineering team is currently focused on the research and development of new subsea product lines.

Where do you see Enext Global and Apex Energy in five years?
Enext Global and Apex Energy share the collective goal of achieving organic growth and driving disruption by integrating innovation and technology, thereby making an impact across all industries we venture into. Our objective is to achieve year-on-year growth in terms of impact and revenue, thereby contributing to the growth of Kuwait’s economy to the best of our capabilities and becoming an integral part of the nation’s vision for the future.

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