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The upcoming bid round heralds a return to positivity on which so much for this country depends.
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Ports where the company operates8

Established in 1956, GAC is a multinational provider of shipping, logistics and marine services. The company began its operations in Angola in 1998 under a local subsidiary. GAC Angola has accompanied the development of the country and local oil and gas sector and now has strong ties within the industry. The company represents a significant share of the local market and has offices in Luanda, Cabinda and Soyo. It carries out operations at Luanda, Lobito, Porto Amboim, Porto Ambriz, Namibe, Dande, Soyo and Cabinda ports.

GAC Angola leverages both its international network and local expertise to service a large number of key oil and gas companies. It now looks to expand its upstream activities in Angola’s offshore sector.

Services: The company specialises in husbandry services, ship spares logistics, bunker fuels, dry bulk services, freight services, land transportation, offshore support and temporary importation.

Energy sector capabilities: The company is ready to provide the transport of drill pipes, specialised heavy equipment and spare parts, rig mobilisation and agency services for supplies and personnel.

Company website: www.gac.com/angola/


Angola - April 02, 2021

Kosala Wijesinghe, general manager of GAC Angola, talks to The Energy Year about how the company’s services and strategy are…