Patricia LOPES

Country Manager - Angola


Our work on MCA’s 370-MW solar energy parks is a major opportunity as we see a margin to grow in this segment.
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in figures

International operations30 countres

Global projects1,000+

Mecwide is the paradigm of an international group working hand in hand with local institutions, helping Angola diversifying its economy and contributing to the country’s social and economic development. The company was established in Portugal in 2009, while started its activities in Angola in 2013. It is an EPC service provider, operating in more than 30 countries with 1000+ projects ongoing.

Its portfolio is wide and rich, providing construction, fabrication, technical assistance, welding, quality certification and integrated logistics services for the oil and gas industry and renewable energy.. 

  • Mission: creation of a sustained value, in a long-term perspective, through experience and knowledge, guaranteeing full satisfaction of the needs of demanding customers, with the objective of consolidating its presence in the competitive international context, through the excellence of all its products and services
  • Main activities: diversified business divided into units covering gas, mines, cement, industry, energy, modular systems and technical assistance
  • Aim: to expand in offshore and downstream projects as their strongest sectors in Angola are oil and gas and technical assistance 

Opportunities ahead in Angola: photovoltaic projects and solar energy parks. They are already involved in the 370 MW solar park project in Benguela, providing engineering services for solar panels’ assembling and electrical connections, looking with interest at those coming next: Eni’s Caraculo photovoltaic project and Total’s on Lubango.

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