Duport Midstream

Duport Midstream In Figures

Refined product storage terminal capacity30,000 tonnnes

Modular refinery output10,000 bpd

Naphtha stabiliser output1,400 bpd

Duport Midstream Company (DMCL) is a leading Nigerian integrated energy company that specialises in deploying low-cost integrated energy parks that produce refined products and natural gas for power generation and distribution. The company developed the first energy park in Nigeria and the continent. 

Ownership: Established in 2013, the company is a subsidiary of Iman Africa Energy Group.

Duport Energy Park: Duport Energy Park is Africa’s first integrated modular energy park. It is located in Egbokor, Edo State, and houses a 10,000-bpd modular refinery, a 1,400-bpd naphtha stabiliser, a gas processing plant, a CNG plant, a 30,000-tonne refined product storage terminal, a 20-MW embedded power plant and a data bank centre. 

DMCL’s main strength: DMCL has robust technical partnerships with international oil and gas players, ensuring the delivery of high-quality plants and refineries. Among these are the partnerships with Chemex, Newpoint Gas, PEBEZ, SAFE, Island Central Gas and Bablink Resources Nigeria.

Human capital: DMCL’s team has extensive experience in engineering, oil and gas, finance and capital projects with international corporations.

Strategy moving ahead: The company’s goal is to replicate its integrated and modular energy model in other locations in Nigeria, West Africa and other African regions.

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