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Due to the position and the stability of the country, we can create a regional hub in Angola. This was not the case in the past.
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Global locations12 countries

Staff200+ employees


TLC SA Transportation and Logistic Consulting (TLC) provides turnkey logistic services solutions to many segments of the Angolan energy industry. The company was founded in 2001 in Switzerland by its owner and chairman of the board, Philippe Masserey, with commercial offices in Houston and Aberdeen. It is specialised in providing logistics services to the oil and gas industry. TLC opened its Angolan branch in 2006 and is also present in Republic of Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mozambique

  • Main activities in Angola: The company provides freight forwarding and Customs brokerage for cargo, services as a vessel agency and husbandry services such as personnel assistance, visas and transport of people from vessels to hotels.
  • Door-to-door delivery: In November 2020, the company partnered with Pentagon Freight Services to expand its customer portfolio and offer mutual assistance in locations where one entity is not present. TLC’s expanded global reach fulfils a frequent demand of oil and gas companies.
  • Since 2021, the Angolan branch delivers bunkering and chartering shipping services, which are directly managed by the company’s headquarters.
  • The company employs more than 200 people in 12 countries across Europe, Africa, North and South America and the Caribbean and is dedicated to providing services to the energy, mining and infrastructure industries.
  • TLC’s cargo shipping services come with the added value of advising customers long before the cargo is shipped to save time and avoid potential penalties at the destination.
  • Palanca: TLC’s worldwide air-and-sea service to Angola is delivered via Pointe-Noire in the Republic of Congo, with scheduled sailings to the Sonils base in Luanda and the Kwanda base in Soyo.
  • Marine logistics: TLC Group offers agency services for all types of vessels, including offshore working units for projects, merchant vessels trading on a tramping basis such as product tankers, crude oil tankers, gas carriers and bulk carriers.

TLC’s Angolan branch expands the group’s network within the Southern Africa region. The company covers the full cycle of the energy industry, being involved in both upstream and downstream activities.

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