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7th National Energy Forum

7th National Energy Forum

September 8, 2016

Under the theme of: Energy transformation in Malaysia - Towards a sustainable equilibrium, the 7th National Energy Forum will host more than 400 participants affiliated with Malaysia's energy industry as they discuss the current issues and future direction of Malaysian energy.

The National Energy Forum, organised by the Malaysian Gas Association, Suruhanjaya Tenaga and Energy Council of Malaysia, with support from EPU and KeTTHA, has been bringing together policy makers, regulators, industry players, experts and other stakeholders since 2009 to discuss topics of concern to the energy industry. This year’s forum will be focused on the efforts of the government and the industry to build a sustainable and secure energy future that is resilient and appropriately balances the needs of the economy, environment and people.

The Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Maximus Ongkili, will be officiating throughout the day as a line-up of 10 industry experts speak at the event. Mel Ydreos, International Gas Union’s executive director of public affairs and chairman of the co-ordination committee, will be the keynote speaker of the day, which will also feature an exclusive conversation in which Idris Jala speaks with Kamarul Bahrin from Astro Awani.