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Atlantic Council – Istanbul Summit

Atlantic Council – Istanbul Summit

April 27-28, 2017

The Atlantic Council Istanbul Summit convenes a vibrant and influential community of political and business leaders to build bridges in a part of the world that is riven by crises, but rich in potential, and strengthen transatlantic engagement in a region that spans from Central Europe through the Black and Caspian Seas to the Middle East and Central Asia and across the Mediterranean Sea to Africa.

Last year, more than five hundred top-level business, government, non-governmental organisation, and other leaders from more than forty countries, including heads of state and government, ministers, global CEOs, and nongovernmental organisation leaders attended the highly-acclaimed Summit. In its eighth year, the Summit is expanding into a more comprehensive global platform for world business and government leaders, broadening from our traditional energy focus to include pivotal security, trade, economic, and geopolitical issues.

With plenary sessions, panel discussions, invitation-only private events, and opportunities for bilateral meetings, Summit attendees engage in the most pressing geopolitical and business issues of the day. Topics for 2017 will include Eastern Mediterranean energy scenarios, regional economic integration, and Syria and the regional (dis)order.