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Downstream Russia 2021

Downstream Russia 2021

March 2-4, 2021

What O&G processing projects are ongoing in the pandemic? We are delighted to invite you to discuss the largest investment projects for oil and gas processing. The Annual Conference and Onsite Visit “Downstream Russia 2021” will take place on 2-4 March in Krasnodar.

According to the ministry of Energy of Russia, investments in Russian oil refining will grow to 1.3 trillion RUB in 2020-2024.  Petrochemical investments will amount to about 3.1 trillion RUB in 2020-2030. The subsidies for gas processing are expected to unlock up to $45 billion starting from 2022.

Among the projects planned for development before 2030:

>Modernisation of Afipka NPZ implies commissioning of new units: hydrocracking, diesel fuel hydrotreatment, delayed coking etc. Completion is scheduled for 2022. As a result, the capacity will increase to 9 million tonnes, depth of processing – to 93%.

>Modernisation of Ilsky Oil Refinery implies the construction of AT-6 unit (3.6 million tonnes per annum) aswell as commissioning of the complex for the production of gasolines and aromatic hydrocarbons (KPAAU) (1.520 thousand tonnes per annum). It will allow KNGK-INPZ to increase its processing capacity from 3 to 6.6 million tonnes per annum by the end of 2021 and to obtain Euro 5 gasolines and individual aromatic hydrocarbons by 2024.

>Construction of Amur Gas Processing Plant.  Nameplate capacity will amount to 42 billion m3 of gas per annum. The plant will include the largest helium production in the world. Once commissioned (planned for 2025), the facility will produce up to 60 million m3 of helium, about 2.5 million tonnes per annum of ethane, about 1 million tonnes per annum of propane, about 500 thousand tonnes per annum, about 200 thousand tonnes per annum of pentane-hexane fraction.

>Construction of Amur Gas Chemical Complex. The plant will process ethane and produce monomers further releasing polyethylene demanded in the world market. Commissioning of the first capacities is expected not earlier than 2024 together with the 4th phase of Gas Processing Plant. Project investment in Amur Gas Chemical Plant by SIBUR estimation can comprise $7-8 bn.

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