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Latin America Oil & Gas Summit

Latin America Oil & Gas Summit

December 5-6, 2019

IN-VR invites international oil & gas companies to the Latin America Oil & Gas Summit in 5-6 December 2019, at Uruguay, Punta Del Este Resort & Spa. For the first time, NOCs and hydrocarbons agencies will be sharing onshore and offshore updates for the region’s huge prospects, and opportunities for independent oil & gas companies.

Latin America possesses the richest hydrocarbon reserves globally, with more than 20% of total global oil reserves located in the region. Latin America is growing at a significant rate with more than 7.5 million barrels produced every day.

Latin America’s main operators will provide updates, discuss future plans and partnership opportunities while networking with the region’s key players.

The ​Latin America Oil & Gas Summit​ speakers include:

Hector de Santa Ana, E&P Manager, ANCAP

Ing. Quim Arianna Spinelli, Head of Hydrocarbons, Ministry of Industry and Mines Uruguay

Neal Marlow, CEO, Belize Natural Energy

Nicolas Quintana, Energy Director, Argentina Investment & Trade Promotion Agency

Andre Cho, Director of the Geology and Petroleum Department, Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum, Belize

and many​ ​more​.

The event is an ideal opportunity for oil and gas companies (exploration and production), consultants, seismic, drilling and other service companies to have in-depth discussions and one-to-one private meetings with ANCAP and National Hydrocarbon Agencies from Latin American countries. The focus will be on current exploration opportunities, geology, legislation, midstream and licensing updates in the region.