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12 injured in Indian gas well fire

SURAT, April 20, 2015 – On Saturday a fire erupted at state-owned company Oil and Natural Gas Corporation’s Olpad-31 well near Surat during maintenance work to repair a blowout preventer. US well-intervention firm Boots & Coots assisted in reigning in the blaze.

The fire started at 12.30pm local time at the onshore well and injured 12 people. Four people remain in critical condition at a local hospital.


“All non-essential persons have been evacuated from the accident area. Since there is no habitation within a 2-kilometre radius of the well, there is no danger to life and property in the surrounding areas,” Oil and Natural Gas Corporation said in a press release.

Yesterday, the company continued drilling a directional relief well near Olpad-31. The work will access the problem well to introduce a plug and halt gas flow. Water is being sprayed over the site to reduce heat and the escaping gas is being allowed to burn. These measures will reduce the likelihood of a large-scale fire re-occurring.


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