Abu Dhabi ADNOC oilfield services tender

ADNOC initiative to speed up oilfield services tendering

ABU DHABI, May 4, 2021 – An initiative from Abu Dhabi’s ADNOC has standardised terms and conditions in procuring drilling and oilfield goods and services across its value chain, speeding up the tendering process, the NOC announced on Tuesday.

Prequalified bidders will now be subject to the same terms and conditions in competitive tendering, which ADNOC expects will shrink the timeline for legal negotiations from months to weeks.


More than 1,100 local and international principal companies have signed up for the programme, including key international providers of oilfield services to the NOC such as Baker Hughes, Halliburton, Schlumberger and Weatherford.

“This initiative significantly speeds up ADNOC’s tendering process,” ADNOC’s senior vice-president for group procurement, Jasim M. Saeed, said. “The approach underscores our efforts to drive commerciality across our business and proactively respond to the demands of a fast-evolving energy landscape.”

The NOC said the initiative took only two months to implement and has not affected ongoing operations.

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