Bladeless wind tech advances as US company secures $9 million 2

Bladeless wind tech advances as US company secures $9 million


HOUSTON, May 28, 2024 – US company Aeromine Technologies has secured USD 9 million in Series A funding to develop its rooftop bladeless wind power technology, which it says outperforms rooftop solar, PV Magazine reported on Friday.

The company says its scalable bladeless technology can produce 50% more energy than rooftop solar at the same cost.

Its design involves an installation positioned at the edge of a rooftop that captures wind acceleration created by the building and intensifies it through the use of vertical airfoils. Accelerated airflow is then channelled into spinning a turbine.

The device has no visible moving parts, and avoids two of the key problems caused by wind turbines: noise and wildlife impact.


Bladeless wind technology is under development by a handful of companies worldwide, notably Spain’s Vortex.

The Vortex Bladeless design involves generating vortices via wind hitting a cylinder, which then oscillates. This oscillation generates mechanical energy, which an alternator transforms into electrical energy.

The innovation was inspired by the infamous footage of the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in the US state of Washington in 1940. Watching the footage, Vortex founding partner David J. Yánez saw an opportunity in harnessing the force of oscillation.

Vortex has won support from Norway’s Equinor in the development of the technology.

Images courtesy of Aeromine Technologies.