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Equatorial Guinea opposition dissolved

MALABO, February 28, 2018 – Citizens for Innovation, Equatorial Guinea’s main opposition party, has been disbanded by court order, state media reported on Tuesday.

“The dissolution is the consequence of […] undermining state security, because according to the law governing political parties, any party that commits this offence is dissolved,” Equatorial Guinea’s deputy chief prosecutor, Anatalio Nzang, told TVGE state television.


Additionally, 21 of the party’s members have been given prison sentences of more than 40 years, Mongomo court judge Jose Rafael Nguema said.

The ruling follows Monday’s trial of 147 opposition party members, charged with sedition, undermining authority, damage and physical injury. The charges stem from a rally that turned violent the week before Equatorial Guinea’s November 2017 elections.

In those elections, Citizens for Innovation won one seat in parliament, while the ruling Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea took the remaining seats.

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