John Mahama, president of Ghana

Ghana to reduce Nigerian gas purchases

ACCRA, October 28, 2014 – Speaking at the global African Investment Summit in London last week, Ghanian President John Mahama stated to be hopeful that once works are completed on the Atuabo gas processing plant, Ghana will be stable enough to drastically diminish its reliance on Nigerian gas imports by the end of 2014. Mahama stated that the plant could generate around 4 mcm (140 mcf) of natural gas per day, a production rate that would account for more than 70 percent of the LPG needed for domestic use.


The desire to reduce dependence on Nigerian gas comes from concerns about the volume coming through the West African gas pipeline. Three Ghanaian power plants were shut down in September of 2014 due to Nigerian strikes that halted the flow of gas.

Additionally, this move could potentially save the country more than $500 million per year once light crude oil replaces gas in the generation of power.

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