Oil up as Kurdistan Region and Iraq clash

Oil up as Kurdistan Region and Iraq clash

KIRKUK, October 16, 2017 – Oil prices have risen on reports of fighting early Monday morning between the Iraqi army and its Shiite militia allies and Kurdish Peshmerga deployed by the Kurdistan Region of Iraq around Kirkuk.

The Iraqi army claimed to have captured oilfields and a refinery, while Kurdistan media claimed the regional forces had killed seven militiamen and destroyed five “US Humvees used by Popular Mobilization Forces.”


Artillery exchanges were reported as well as Kurdish positions being alternately abandoned and reinforced.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi called on state television to “protect all the people of Kirkuk.”

Kurdistan Region of Iraq President Masoud Barzani asked his forces to avoid initiating conflict, but if attacked he said they have “green light to use every power” in their defence.

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