Khazzan gasfield in Oman

Oman’s Khazzan said to start up by Q4

MUSCAT, January 30, 2017 – The BP-operated Khazzan tight gas project is expected to produce first gas by Q4, Omani officials told local media over the weekend.


Block 61 in central Oman is home to the Khazzan and Makarem gasfields and contains some 2.83 tcm (100 tcf) of gas. It is co-owned by BP (60%) and the state-owned Oman Oil Company (40%), which plan to drill more than 300 wells there.

“All wells are being drilled,” Salim Al Aufi, undersecretary at the Ministry of Oil and Gas, told journalists.

“Hopefully by June, we will start commissioning of the plant and in August, one of the gas processing trains will start operation and the second one will follow suit,” he added.

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